ITNG offers services and solutions for technical support for every situation and budget, whether it is on a subscription basis (based on contract) or just a call for help.

The main advantages in using IT support form ITNG are:

  • Money saving - this applies especially in cases where your primary business is other than IT. Recruitment for IT in the firm is related to wages, social security, holidays, equipment costs, training and etc.;
  • ITNG provides you with a team of specialists with long experience in all areas of IT with that of the lower cost of hiring even a single administrator;
  • You control the whole process - we fulfill your expectations, deadlines and budget. Moreover ITNG gives you a guarantee through legal protection of contractual relations;
  • Improves business position with the possibility of focusing on specific business competencies;
  • Quick and timely response regardless of time of the day or night;

We offer support services in the areas of:

  • Hardware
- The entire range of computer and office equipment - workstations, notebooks, servers, printers, scanners, copiers, telephones, fax machines;
- Networking Equipment (switches, routers, WiFi wireless devices) and various types of connectivity (internet, MPLS VPN).
  • Software
- Full range of server and desktop operating systems - Windows XP / Vista, Windows Server, Linux, MacOSX;
- Server applications for Windows and Linux - Domain controllers, mail servers, databases, Web servers;
- Consumer applications - programs for word processing, graphic design, design and accounting software and more.
  • Coordination with other providerswhen problems are within their competence (Internet providers, suppliers of specialized software and hardware).
  • Training your staff to work with information system and fix problems associated with the process of their work.
Our proposal for IT support includes:

On-Site Support ITNG can provide technicians to provide you support in your office or other place designated by you;
Remote management and administration one of the problems can be solved remotely without having to visit the place. Our experts can connect remotely to your system and remove the problem;
Subscription-based maintenance contract maintenance contracts are tailored to individual customer needs. Different combinations of site maintenance and remote support. Contact us for further information;
Support when needed even if you do not support contract, in the case of a problem do not hesitate to call us and we will resolve it.